Fabian Live from his studio in Singapore , Fabian comes fresh to the live music community with years of RL singing experience. Popular in the jazz clubs there, and much in demand for weddings and private parties, he counts the classic jazz greats and the Beatles' John and Paul among his influences. A perfect way to cap a wonderful weekend, he will entertain you with songs he sings from the heart
Talon Talon has been a live performer for over 40 years starting with a junior sized guitar and a desire to entertain and share his joy of music. His acoustic style is fun and Inviting and he sings the songs of Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young as well as of more contemporary Artists. Talon is an entertaining Bard performing at Renaissance faires, clubs and coffee houses across the country, bringing passion to the stage that flows like magic from his fingers.Quick with a light joke and a tale of his travels, he sings and plays to inspire the heart and move the feet, Talon is ready to make your day or evening a memorable one.
JC Farstrider
JC Farstrider Jazz Saxophone Player JC Farstrider (AKA) Killer Joe Cool, brings you Jazz Classics from Southern California where he plays professionally in Downtown Disney with the Latin Group "Alturas" and also plays with 5 other bands including his own Jazz Combo called "The Jazz Executives". He brings to life Exciting Favourite Melodies and Spicy Latin Rhythms. Jazz is truly his passion and Sax is definitely his weapon of choice. He loves to fill you with excitement and romance through great music that has touched his own heart from a young age until now. Exciting, Wonderful, WOW, Lovely, Outstanding, Hot and Spicy are words that are used to describe his show, his talent and his play as one of the best performers in SL. Come and enjoy a Colourful World of Music with JC Farstrider.
Sierio Blinker
Sierio Blinker Sierio is an immensely talented singer musician who has taken SL by storm with the sweetest voice SL has ever heard! She has an incredible way of crafting a song and of captivating everyone with her crossover stylings which appeals to different types of audiences. Sierio's true passion for singing and her warm professional stage presence holds her audience spellbound while she weaves her magic with a palette of songs for easy listening. Sierio delivers an incredible show with each of her performances. She has a smooth easy style that makes fans of first time listeners.
BGSinger BG has a song list with well over 500 songs. Included in BGSinger's ever-growing repertoire are: "Feelin Good","Good Lovin," "Ventura Highway," "Pretty Woman," "Amazed," "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." He covers a very wide variety of artists and music genres. About BGSinger Hermit: I am originally from Philadelphia. My voice is classically trained, and I have been performing over 45 years. I have appeared on TV, Radio, Professional Theater. I sing at weddings, parties, special events plus SL and IW venues. "I believe what I'm singing. I become emotionally invested in the songs I sing." Listeners have described my music as "awesome, dramatic, sexy, one of a kind..."
Zelator Baphomet
Zelator Baphomet Zelator Baphomet is a veteran singer and musician. Joining Second Life in 2005, Zel has long been a part of the SL live music scene. Co-owner of Fride Club with Midnattsdotter Fride, a club with six years of history in Second Life, Zel has jumped into the performing side of the business. A semi-professional 'Cantor' (soloist and conductor of singing in Jewish worship services), Zel has also been playing guitar, drums and woodwinds since he was ten years old. Zel has a very eclectic and diverse taste, focusing on classic rock and roll music, but also straying into jazz, folk, bluegrass, and world music as well. Musical influences include (but not limited to) The Beatles, King Crimson, Steely Dan, Velvet Underground, Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, Bob Dylan, Little Feat, Frank Zappa, Cat Stevens, CSNY, Todd Rundgren, and many others!
Wayne Rhodell
Wayne Rhodell Wayne Rhodell has 40+ years of Singing Country on stage and Taking You down old country roads in Our minds .Or to that Front porch swing, when they would sit and strum guitars and just sing the night away. Wayne Rhodell has opened for some Country Stars you might recognize ..Conway Twitty* Mel Tillis * Ronnie Milsap So Giddy Up an Get on it , Lets 2 step or Polish a belt buckle or two. WINNER OF THE RTBT MALE SINGER OF THE YEAR AWARD 2018
Lostsinger "I been singing now for a long time got in to singing like every one else in the late 50.s... so this should tell you a little about how old I am now.............. I started to sing on line about 20 years ago.... I sing as many styles as i can ..... favour Country Music the most but really enjoy love songs I enjoy all kind of music and use to play in a band long time ago in my teens as a drummer...but sports took over my life for a long time and just didn't sing as much...........a local band here in Montreal CANADA ,where I lived now all my life, was looking for someone to add words to there music so i did so for about 3 years wrote over 200 songs. Even at this late in life I still sing and try hard to keep up with whats out there now. " Lost sings from his heart and is always adding more songs to his list such as Toby Keith, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Elton John, Rod Stewart, and the list goes on.
Ugly Bill
Ugly Bill ugly Bill has been singing since he was a tender, young, choir boy in church choirs where he was the solo boy soprano for those years before his voice changed. The boy was rather mercenary and moved from church to church until he found the one that paid best, sold his angelic voice to the highest bidder, regardless of the flavour of their God. His voice changed, matured, he bought a cheap guitar and learned to play a few chords. He never looked back, he has been accompanying himself for many years now, in fact, he proudly announces to the world that he loves to play with himself, sometimes several times a day. He might break a string, lose his plectrum, forget the words, but his voice carries him through adversity, not quite the voice of an angel now, more the sound of a mesmerising, smooth-tongued devil.
Deefer Deefer Honi might be a new performer on the Second Life scene – but he draws on broad experience from First Life where he has played Country, Blues, Pop and Rock in more club and pub venues than he cares to remember. Now in SL, he sings solo, using only his acoustic guitar for backing. Deefer brings an easy style of music featuring covers from Eric Clapton, Glen Campbell, Billy Joel, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Jim Groce and many more.

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