• Toying with an idea

    I have been toying with the idea to hold live events on the Garden stage for a while now. Recently I have been trialling it a few times and I feel that I could hold the Monday shows on a more regular basis, if not indefinitely, on this stage.

    Will I hold more? I am not sure at this time, but I am positive that the Sunday shows will stay in the Theatre. Watch this space to see if I decide to hold Saturday shows here too, or on alternaive weeks.

    I am also thinking about dress codes, again, I am thinking about what to do and when.

  • Overwhelmed by Interest

    The passed few weeks, I have been overwhelmed by many artistes, new to SL performing, as well as those more experienced, showing interest to perform at Cornerstone Theatre. For this purpose, I decided to open more slots on a Saturday, which are: 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am and 4pm slt. I hope I have the stamina to continue this and also find courage to say no to further interest, at this time.

    This Saturday will be the first time for the new slots to be in place, so fingers crossed all goes well. I am really looking forward to it, probably as much as the artistes :)


  • First Birthday Bash

    It was the venues first birthday on Monday, 9th March 2020 and to celebrate we are having a big birthday event on Saturday, 14th March, from 12am slt until 4pm slt.

    It's going to be one heck of a long day for me, but I know it will be fun and well worth it.

  • Artistes Come and Go

    Doing some juggling around, as Artistes either leave or move to different days that suits them better. Either way I count them as my little family and each one has a place in my heart, guess my heart is growing bigger in time.

    Within the next few days, I am hoping to make another page for those artistes who have graced the Cornerstone Theatre stage in the distant and recent past. With the one year anniversary approaching, I feel those should have some recognition, as well as those who continue to grace the stage each week.

  • Ironed Out The Kinks

    The shows held at the new location was a mixed bag. It was pointed out to me during the Monday events, that the SL events teleport was landing people in the water and not even on venue's parcel. While the shows were going on, I was working in the background with a performer and my landlord. Finally after the landlord made some changes, the landing point was fixed and worked perfectly. I am hoping that next week will be much better for all concerned. No more landing in the water!!!

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