Gandalf Mornington
Gandalf Mornington Gandalf Mornington was born on the West Coast and has moved around the northern half of the US living in California, Connecticut (Twice), Illinois, Pennsylvania (several different places) and Minnesota. Gandalf started playing guitar as a teenager after bouts with the piano and cello. He played through high school and then RL induced a long hiatus in his playing. He picked the guitar back up in December 2008 and found SL for playing in January 2009. He started playing shows in April 2009 and has been a regular in SL since then. Gandalf has taken his performance from SL to the real world. He play open mics in his area and is a regular at SL Jams in the US. He does open mics in CT as now well as RL gigs in CT. Gandalf plays Grateful Dead, Jimmy Buffett, Gordon Lightfoot, CSN, John Denver, Arlo Guthrie, The Eagles, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Moody Blues, Bon Jovi and more. Music is the window into our Souls and I am opening mine to you. Catch the Magic!!
Kurt Calamity
Kurt Calamity He plays piano, he sings, he composes, acts, dances, conducts orchestras, but here in SL we get to enjoy the talents of Kurt Calamity's vocals and skills on the piano. And skills he has!!! Whether he's performing a cover of Jon Legend, Dobey Gray, The Beatles, or Plain White T's,, to name only a few, Kurt brings RL experience to the stages of SL.
Rosedrop Rust
Rosedrop Rust I like to write a unique announcement piece for every show. I send it to multiple live music groups and my own which is Rusty Nails. Sensitive ballads, classic rock and roll, unusual covers, unique songs from personal friends, heartfelt originals accompanied by live guitar or piano. Sometimes I may throw in a poem or two. I have played in excess of 3000 gigs in SL.
Moonman Monagan has written songs that have been performed by a wide variety of artists from the folk music of 4-time Grammy nominee John McCutcheon, to Hollywood Records teen group “The Party” and pop chanteuse Jennifer Warnes. Kid Cudi’s 2013 song “Girls,” a #3 smash on the Billboard Hot 100, was a cover of Monagan and KOWH’s song “Pretty Girls.” Monagan also produced a KOWH cover of The Monster Mash for a 2018 punk tribute album to the legendary Dr. Demento. He has also put his skills as a multi-instrumentalist to work writing, producing and/or performing pieces of music for films such as the Annie Leibovitz documentary “Life Through a Lens,” and Henry Jaglom’s “Deja Vu.” The Farrelly Brothers movie “The Ringer” features 2 performances of songs written and performed by Michael and his students. All the awards and accolades in the world don’t mean much if you don’t like the music.
Randy De Lucia
Randy De Lucia Randy , vocalist, musician, sound engineer, composer, arranger, is from La Spezia, Italy. With many years of performing experience, including several bands, and a new one in the works, this performer is a great addiction to the SL music scene. Singing to tracks many of your favorite covers and a countryrock and rock'n'roll genre. Come enjoy this energetic performer, you will be glad you did. Soundcloud : Facebook: Youtube: (N.B. in soundcloud there are songs where Randy was not the singer, too, and he mixed it as sound engineer; pay attention to select correct tracks when he's singing in the pictures!)

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