As you enter the theatre, you will find yourself in a very spacious venue and as realistic as can be possible in a virtual world. There is plenty of room to dance, as well as seating either side of the dancefloor, if you desire to sit and relax while listening to the talented artistes.

There are many features to be found around the theatre, such as a calendar to see who is performing next, pictures of the artistes we have, including information about them and their song list, if they have one.

As you walk up the stairs, you will find a balcony, with more seating to sit and relax, enjoy a glass of wine while listening to the artistes on stage.

There is also room to have a dance.

Hiya and welcome,

My name is Tora Roxan and I'm the owner of  the Cornerstone Theatre venue in Secondlife.

A little about me:

I have been in Secondlife for over ten years and during that time, I have done many things, such as being a Pole Dancer, DJ Hostess, Club Manager, Event Organiser, Market Owner and Auction Venue Owner before I took a break from SL work and just pottered about in Secondlife. 

I returned to Hostessing back in 2017, where I started hosting DJ's until I got asked to host for a live singer, well you could say I was hooked from then on. I now only host for live singers at one venue other than at my own venue, which opened back in March 2019. So I can now add being a Venue Owner to my resume in this virtual world.

Cornerstone Theatre was opened on 9th March 2019 and is growing as time goes by.

My vision for the venue is to enable people around the world to come and listen to live singers. Something which they may not be able to do in the real world, for many different reasons.

Cornerstone Theatre is a relaxed and laid back venue, with very few rules other than those set from Linden Labs. So you could say almost anything can happen and usually does.

As you go through this site, you can find biographies of the artistes who perform here. We also have special events on Sundays. More information can be found about these on this site.

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