Birthday Celebration 2020

Line Up


The 9th of March 2020 marked Cornerstone Theatres one year birthday. On Saturday, 14th March we shall be holding a special event, with a great line up of artistes. 

Artistes, past and present, shall be gracing the stage from 12am slt until 4pm slt.

1am - Rosedrop Rust

2am - Miha Shamen

3am - Liam Defoe 

4am - ugly Bill

5am - Randy De Lucia


8am - Lyric Serendipity

9am - Aby Hastings

10am - Liam Defoe

11am - Paris Minton

12pm - Sierio Blinker

1pm - Echo

2pm - Lostsinger

3pm - Reallymad Morpork


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