For those not knowing what goes behind the scenes of running such a venue as this, may I share the work involved at Cornerstone Theatre.

First of all one needs a place to set up the venue and then the basic details to make it look attractive to the eye of those who visit.

Of course, one also needs artistes willing to sing/play, which can take hours, days or even weeks of scouting for talent and asking if they are interested in performing. Since Cornerstone is a *tip only* venue, this can be very hard to find those willing. I also look to the compatiblity of if they will be suited to the venue. So someone with a fun character and who interacts with the crowd, to me is a must.

Once one has these basics in place, the next step is to advertise, advertise and did I say advertise? As time goes by, if people enjoy the artistes and atmosphere, word of mouth is the best way to let others know what we are about.

So, as you can see, even this basic, but very important work is time consuming and can even be a hair pulling experience.

For those who contribute lindens to the venue, all proceeds go back into Cornerstone, which includes the rent, decorations for special events, contests, etc. All of which is to give those who come, a fun and pleasureable time, making them want to return time afer time.


Behind the Scenes

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